Pallet Manufacturing and Crating

Thayer Lumber is a major manufacturer of pallets in the Sault Ste Marie area. We manufacture a wide variety of hardwood and softwood pallets in many different configurations for industrial and commercial customers in the north. We also manufacture crates, supply blocking, shipping timbers and cut-to-size sheet goods for our industrial and commercial customers.

International Shipping

 Thayer Lumber is a member of the Canadian Wood Products Certification Program (CWPCP) and we are  certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency(CIFA) . This certification allows Thayer Lumber to manufacture and certify heat treated pallets, timbers and dunnage for export to international markets.

All international shipping requires that shipping materials be ISPM-15 certfied. Thayer Lumber can meet your needs for export.

We can assist you with your pallet/lumber requirements. Please contact us for more information.