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Plywood & Sheet Goods

  Thayer Lumber carries many types and species of plywood for all building and woodworking applications. Along with construction plywoods, flooring and underlayment plywoods, formply and pressure treated plywoods, we carry many fine hardwood plywoods. Birch, oak, maple, cherry and walnut are all in stock. We offer plywoods in many different thicknesses.

  Thayer Lumber also carries specialty plywoods such as Baltic Birch. Baltic Birch plywood is constructed with more veneer plys. This makes Baltic Birch plywood ideal material for router or scroll work as well as applications that require stability. Thayer Lumber has many different types of sheet goods, including OSB, MDF and particle board. We carry a melamine sheet with a with a superior surface for the customer wanting a professional look to their projects. We also have edge tapes, wall panelling, plastic laminate and shelving.

  We supply veneers in many species and in many different sizes. Specialty veneers are available upon request. Let Thayer Lumber help you with your woodworking project. 

  Thayer Lumber is also a supplier to the sign industry. With Alumalite signboard and Coroplast sheets (in seven colours) we have your signboard needs covered!

  Thayer Lumber also offers an accurate cutting service for sheet goods. If sheet materials are too large for you to carry, we can cut them for you for easier handling. We also custom cut sheet stock to size.

Please contact us for details.