Hardware & Fasteners

Thayer Lumber maintains an extensive line of fasteners and hardware for our woodworking customers. Deck screws,joist hangers,galvanized screws, nails and bolts, threaded rod and lags screws are all available to help finish your project. We also have in stock Simpson StrongTie hangers, tie downs, mending plates and brackets for many applications.

Copper nails, brass canoe tacks, marine fasteners and brass screws are in stock for those special projects.

For the serious woodworker, Thayer Lumber carries Titebond III waterproof wood glue, considered by many to be the best overall woodworking glue available. Also Gorrilla Glue (polyurethane glue) is available for those difficult-to-glue items. West System Epoxy System is stocked for those looking for a high quality epoxy glue that gives superior results.

Thayer Lumber also carries Castlegard paints and various wood stains. Minwax stains and varnishes are also available, along with Interlux paints, primers and solvents. We also keep in stock high quality marine varnishes for exterior and marine applications where a superior quality finish is required.

Please contact us for information.